Join our Summer 2020 Youth team trip to the D.R. leaves July 4th, 2019 

(Returns July 11th)

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  Our Popular Spring 2020 Concert &  Potluck Cocktail Party Fundraiser

Stay tuned for announcements on our next concert fundraiser in 2020 Q2!

Details coming!


A Silent Auction may be held during this event.

All ticket contributions supported our medical and humanitarian work performed in the USA and in the Dominican Republic

We are committed to fulfilling the needs of others

How you can help support our Efforts


Donate to support our efforts

Your support of our initiatvies is important.


Volunteer by Contacting Us

Hundreds of volunteers and supporters, and growing !


Sponsor one of our battered children and women in crisis initiatives, or sponsor someone other than yourself to travel as a volunteer with one of our teams.


Award Winning

Our Board of Directors has been recognized and received the highest honor awarded for Humanitarians of The Year for their exemplary volunteer service to others, by Massachusetts Governors Charlie Baker & Deval Patrick, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, and Undersecretaries of the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety.

 Our Mission's Global Perspective


Our mission is both medical and humanitarian, and moral. It is based on dedication and passion to help others in need, rather than charity alone.


When our patients are ill and have no access to care, our volunteer team of health professionals, humanitarians, support teams, and specialists will take action to provide them care and educate them on how to stay healthy.

“My village never had access to the clean water nearby until At Home and Afar. They came to us with open arms and big smiles, helping us install a well in the mountains to bring us drinking water and educating us about the importance of clean drinking water. They have helped us so much!"
                                       Village Elder

Upcoming and Recent Projects


January 2019 Medical and Humanitarian Trip to Dominican Republic

Our Medical and Humanitarian Team returned from a successful trip to the Dominican Republic on February 32019.  They spent their last night exploring Santo Domingo, D.R. The team was led by Joanne McLaughlin, with a mission to continue to expand our mission to serve more poor communities in the Barahona area and view the progress on our 2nd  fresh drinking water well initiative.

Summer Youth Team to depart July 6th, 2019, return on July 13th. That Medical and Humanitarian team, will emphasize our annual Youth Volunteer program. Youth teams have traveled to the Dominican Republic since 2013 and run chronic care clinics, provide medical care to shut-ins, perform water surveys, and participate in building projects to improve the living conditions of those living in very poor communities.  We thank the volunteers, especially the Youth Teams.  The 2019 team will be co-led by Drs. Patricia Ruze and Fernando Catalina.

Sponsor 2019 Holiday Cheer for Children & Women in Crisis Center

We need your help to share 2019 holiday cheer with 1 or more children and women in a crisis center in Framingham, MA during the holiday season. Sponsorship involves purchasing gifts for receipients.....we have ages, sex, and sizes to guide you with your generous sponsorship.  At Home and Afar's volunteer s have brightened the holidays of hundreds of those in need during 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 holiday seasons.  We would like to exceed our 2018 holiday giving. We are excited at the opportunity to continue this wonderful effort in 2019.

Our Teams of Volunteers

    Our Fresh Drinking Water Initiative


"We thank you for sponsoring holiday gifts and meals donations, bringing very appreciated cheer to the women and children of our the Children and Women in Crisis Shelter.“
     Battered Women In Crisis Shelter

 At Home and Afar         " To Simply Make a Difference "


Our Non-Profit charitable organization has a simple "giving back" mission and vision:  to give more people in the world better medical care, better living conditions, healthcare awareness education focused on improving and sustaining their health, and adequate clothing, and sporting equipment. While this is a trivial quest in a developing country, without governmental support or social infrastructure, it can be incredibly difficult.


We draw on the resources of our volunteers, supporters, and partners in the world and our experience of the world’s poorest and sickest communities.


We have a goal to to bring the benefits of modern healthcare to those most in need of them and to serve those in need with compassion.


We aim to help those in need in poor communities to develop sustainable, ecological, simple, easy-to-maintain systems to get clean drinking water to everyone who needs it.


People in the United States and throughout the world suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessities freely available to them.  Help us support them and change that.



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